Pension Awareness Day

By Chancellor

Wouldn’t it be great if there was a one stop shop to ask all those burning questions about retirement pensions that have been niggling away for a while? Whilst Chancellor’s advisers are always happy to hear from members of the group pension schemes that we have established for their employer, we also realise that it isn’t always convenient during the day to give us a call – and sometimes people think that it might just be a silly or trivial question and they don’t like to ask us.

With this in mind, Pension Awareness Day was started as a live event. The 2020 Live sessions are over for another year, but the great news is that most of the videos and resources in the Library can be viewed on the campaign’s website at any time of day to suit yourself.

The Key Sponsors are the major product providers AEGON and Royal London and the other supporters include the Government’s Department of Work and Pensions, the Pension Protection Fund and Pension Wise. The website contains a link to the UK Government’s Pension Wise service which gives anyone over the age of 50 with a personal or workplace pension plan free and impartial advice about their defined contribution (often referred to as Money Purchase) pension options. This  involves a 45 to 60 minute appointment with a pension specialist over the phone.

The FAQ section of the Pension Awareness Day’s website covers several questions that are raised with us on a regular basis such as:-

  • What is a workplace pension?
  • Do I really need a pension?
  • How does the State Pension work?
  • What is tax relief
  • What if I can’t keep up my regular pension contributions?
  • When should I start saving into a pension?
  • How much should I contribute to a pension each month?
  • What happens to my workplace pension if I go on maternity leave or if I leave my job?
  • If I have lots of different pension pots can I move my money into one pot?
  • When can I retire or take my workplace pension and/or retirement savings?
  • What should I do if I’ve lost track of any pensions?
  • Is there a maximum I can pay into a workplace pension?
  • What happens to my workplace pension when I die?
  • Is my workplace pension safe?
  • If I carry on working, can I still take my workplace pension?

The site isn’t designed to replace Chancellor’s services, but it might give you food for thought and raise some more questions to ask us!

All of this can be accessed by clicking on the following link

The 2021 Live event is scheduled to take place in September, so don’t forget to “save the date” if you are interested in joining in.