Meet our newest financial planner – although it’s someone you might recognise!

By Chancellor

In an exciting new chapter for the company, Sam became our newest financial planner in January.


Sam’s journey at Chancellor Financial Management

Sam has been with the company for just over six years, where he gained his experience initially working as an administrator until just before the pandemic hit. At this point, he transitioned into working as a paraplanner – a name given to someone in the industry that undertakes the important background work, including:

  • The initial research for a client
  • Using analytical software to assess a client’s needs
  • Pulling everything together into a report for the planner to review before it is forwarded to the client.

Unfortunately, the pandemic meant that Sam was unable to go out on meetings to shadow our chartered planners, Grant and David. However, as the restrictions were lifted, Sam has been able to go out on a variety of meetings.


Sam’s new role as a financial planner

Since January 2022, Sam has been fully authorised to provide advice, and so you will begin to see him in a more client-facing role.  

While his primary role going forwards will formally be as a planner, he’s also involved in lots of other aspects of the business, including:

  • Streamlining processes
  • Sitting on our investment committee
  • Providing IT guidance internally
  • General business development.


Sam can now offer a unique review of your protection requirements, as well as any other aspects of your financial wellbeing

One of Sam’s first projects is to offer a free review of your protection requirements.

Many people do not ask themselves the important “what if?” questions that lie at the heart of a good financial plan. Questions like, “What if I die, and how will this affect my family or my business partners?” and, “How will I cope financially if I can’t work due to illness?” are crucial, especially in the wake of the pandemic.

Whether you are looking at this from your own position, that of your family, or how it may affect your business, Sam will be happy to chat this through with you.

If you would like to review your existing arrangements to confirm they remain appropriate, or wish to look at how you could develop a plan going forward, then he’ll be delighted to help.

Remember, there is no cost or obligation when you get in touch. We have found that quite often individuals put off doing anything because they will “sort it out tomorrow”, but now is a good time to give Sam a call.    


Get in touch

To arrange your protection review, or to chat through your other financial goals, email, or call 01204 526 846.