Welcome to the World, George!

By Chancellor

We briefly mentioned some good news from the Chancellor team, in the introduction of our February ENewsletter. Our Chartered Financial Planner, Ed Painter, and his wife Alicia were delighted when their son George arrived safely in January, and we are delighted to report that mother and baby are doing very well. As quite a few of our clients and contacts have asked for updates and photos, we are delighted to share a few shots with you in this month’s edition. We are delighted to see that George is following in his father’s footsteps at the earliest possible opportunity by taking a look at a copy of The Personal Finance Society’s journal!

The Financial Services industry is always changing and developing, so it would be interesting to have a crystal ball to look into the future and see how things will look in 2037 when George is old enough to start work.

In the meantime, everyone at Chancellor would like to take this opportunity to wish Ed, Alicia and George all the very best for the future.