Biography: Emma Gudger

By Chancellor

For our latest company update, we asked one of our administrators, Emma Gudger, to describe her journey to working in financial services.

Emma is an integral part of our team here at Chancellor, providing key administrative services to both our advisers and our clients, and keeping the cogs of the company turning day-to-day.

Read on to find out about Emma’s journey through life, and how she found her way through our door here at Chancellor.



Emma Gudger’s biography

My northern and Italian roots

I was born and raised in Bolton, where I lived with my mum and two brothers. Even though I was born in Bolton, I am actually one-quarter Italian too!

My grandma came over when she was young from the small village of Faeto, in the south-eastern province of Foggia, for work. She was a caterer in Blackpool for some time and still, to this day, she likes to cook and bake for us all in her retirement. She cooks for my small family as though she is catering for a whole party of people with her bulk cooking!

She always tells us that we have it easy compared to her; she had a farm in Italy where they had to hand-make everything. She now likes to pass on these traditions to us, and loves to teach me and my children how to make fresh pasta and pizza, among other delicious things.

When I was younger, I enjoyed going swimming every Sunday and got lots of certificates and medals for competitions I won. But when I got offered to swim for Bolton, my confidence got the better of me, and I declined! This is one regret I have in life – but we only learn from our mistakes, don’t we?



How I found my way to financial services, and the key lessons I learned along the way

I’ve had an interest in financial services for most of my life, as my dad is a financial adviser. I saw how successful he was, and I wanted to follow suit.

I started off my career by going to help him tidy the filing cabinets in the cellar during my six weeks’ school holidays, in order to earn some extra pocket money. Soon after, I went to college to study for my A-levels, but came to realise that I just wanted to start working and earning a living instead.

I started working with my dad when I left college, and loved the fact that I was earning my own money! While I was still living at home, I received my first pay, so my mum said I had to start contributing to the household bills. Learning how much everything cost at the time was a massive shock to the system. But looking back now, I’m so grateful she did that, as I was made to get into the “real world” from a young age.

One of the girls I used to work with taught me to put a spreadsheet together of all my outgoings. She told me to get into the habit of stashing small amounts of money away each month for when unexpected things happen, such as car repairs. I thought she was crazy at first, but I did it anyway, and I still do it to this day!



How I found Chancellor Financial Management

I continued to work for my dad for a number of years, until he decided to work from home and be rid of the overhead costs that came with an office. I really missed the office life, which led me to go for an interview at Chancellor.

I was so pleased when I got the job, and my dad was really happy for me too. I have been at Chancellor for almost 10 years, and obtained my diploma in financial planning with them. I am now looking to get the ball rolling and progress further with my career, to ensure that my children have the best possible future too.



Why I love working with Chancellor

One of the things I love about my job is meeting friendly, appreciative people. I try my best to provide a good service to our clients, as I always consider that if they were my relative, I would want them to be treated well.



My life outside of work

I have two children and a very fluffy chow chow dog, Anika, who we love to walk on a regular basis. In my spare time, I enjoy going to the gym (sometimes even on my lunch hour!) and going on holidays. I have most recently visited Mexico, which is definitely up there as a favourite!

My dad has a house in North Wales that we often visit during the school holidays. There’s nothing better than being there when the weather is lovely – it’s just like being abroad, and the beaches are absolutely beautiful!

Before he bought his house, we used to camp there quite regularly, and I always loved the adventure of being outside!



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