3 fantastic causes we support at Chancellor

By Chancellor

As a company, we believe we have a responsibility to give something back to the local community.

We have several longstanding relationships with charities that make a difference. Our charitable giving and help in the community are focused on causes linked to our business, the communities we work in, our business partners, and our employees.

We wouldn’t usually shout about the causes we support, as we feel giving to charities is simply the right thing to do. However, new research from the Covid-19 Support Fund suggests charities could face a tough 2022, as demand for their services continues but funding falls away.

As a result, we have decided to share some of our commitments to institutions and charities that we care deeply about.



The Octagon Theatre, Bolton

The Octagon Theatre has had a tough time recently, with the Covid-19 pandemic hitting them just as hard as any business. Unlike open-air venues such as football stadia, which were allowed to operate – albeit with reduced capacity – theatres were told to keep their doors closed unless they could facilitate outdoor performances.

This resulted in a substantial loss of income, and led the theatre to make some very difficult decisions to ensure The Octagon still had a future. This historic arts space was the first theatre built in the north-west after the first world war, so it would have been a tragedy to lose such a key piece of Bolton’s culture.

Thankfully, the theatre is back on its feet in 2022, boasting a newly redeveloped building, and promoting a full schedule right through to Christmas, finishing with the timeless classic A Christmas Carol.

The Octagon Theatre also works with youth theatre and community groups, to ensure theatre remains inclusive, and empowers people with skills that translate to all aspects of life.

We are pleased to be a corporate supporter of this esteemed theatre as it regains traction and provides huge artistic value to the town of Bolton.



Bolton Lads and Girls Club

We are pleased to support Bolton Lads and Girls Club (BLGC) as longstanding patrons. This club has been providing young people with a safe environment in which to spend their spare time, participate in sports, and develop useful skills since 1889.

BLGC had to adapt to new challenges throughout the pandemic, in order to continue supporting as many young people as possible – which, due to the active nature of the club, must have been a challenge.

However, BLGC is still going from strength to strength. It now welcomes more than 4,000 young people through its doors every year, and we are very happy to provide our continual support.



Wigan & Leigh Hospice

As well as fundraising and partnerships, we also provide bespoke financial management advice for charities and third sector organisations.

We’ve run seminars providing local charities with valuable advice on raising funds effectively, and have worked directly with clients like Wigan & Leigh Hospice for years.

Again, the hospice was heavily disrupted, with visitations being limited as they battled to keep residents safe during the peak of the pandemic. They also had to close all 13 of their shops until restrictions were lifted.

The hospice is unfortunately still unable to function as they would like, with limited visitations and a reduced income. We will continue our support of the Wigan & Leigh Hospice as they weather this storm.



Charitable donations

Each year, we make a donation at Christmas time in lieu of sending cards to our clients.

For the last few years we have supported Centrepoint, a charity that provides support for young homeless people.

In addition, we encourage clients to complete our annual client survey by making a donation to a charity, which we’ve chosen as Meningitis Now for the past few years. So, if you want to help boost the funds we give to charity, then please complete our survey the next time you receive it!



Get in touch

To find out more about our charitable and community efforts, or for financial guidance of any kind, get in touch.

Email info@chancellorfinancial.co.uk or call 01204 526 846 to speak to an adviser.